Friday, July 2, 2010

Lots of Parties

Last weekend we had a busy Saturday with TWO birthday parties to attend! We started our day at my nephew, Remington's first birthday party. The kids kept busy bothering a stray kitten. They kept picking up the kitten and putting it on the slip and slide! The kitten didn't like it but also didn't get away from the kids so I suppose it wasn't a very SMART kitty!
The kids didn't always pick up the cat in the most comfortable ways! On a side note, when did my little girl go from looking like a toddler with some baby fat to looking like a kid with no chub and to more little tummy!?!?

Poor little kitten!
It really is a good thing that the only kids playing on the slip and slide were my kids who don't really know how to use it properly because Camden was planted in the middle of the slide happy as can be!
The kitty decided to befriend the littlest member, probably with hopes that Camden wouldn't be mean! Camden WASN'T too sure what to think, he liked it but was a little intimidated.
Remington really enjoyed his cake!
Coca Cola Party.
We then headed on over to Lily's to celebrate with her!
Camden got to try out his own little cupcake to practice for his quickly approaching birthday!

When he was done of course he used the remainder as hair gel!
We all had a great time, makes for a huge day but the kids didn't seem to mind all the cake and partying!

We spent Sunday evening at the park with Nana and Papa!

Cute big girl with a ponytail and sunglasses!
Chasing the poor little ducks.... what is up with my children loving to chase/bother innocent animals!
Swinging with Nana!
Camden kept trying to shoot a basket like Keaton so Daddy helped him up, then he didn't want to let go of the ball!

Tiana getting a turn.

A wonderful finish to a beautiful, fun filled weekend!


Becky Gonce said...

wow! Tiana really has changed...what a cute little girl! And it is hard to believe that Camden will be ONE shortly! Time does fly!