Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lavender Field

Nana, Tiana and Mommy had a girls afternoon in the lavender fields last Saturday. Nana had gotten her this dress just for this occasion and she looked beautiful. I wanted to try it out for a photo shoot to see if this is something that I could do with clients next year. I think that it is DEFINITELY a perfect little girl location.

That's my girl, goofy faces and all.

There were lots of bees but she did great just ignoring them after the first few minutes.

Love those curls.
Sissy and Nana.

Picking some lavender to take home!

She is getting little freckles on her nose and I love her eyelashes.

This is so pretty all dried and displayed in our living room now!
Enjoying some lavender ice cream!
She got lots of compliments sitting here pretty, in her own little world, eating her ice cream. She even had strangers asking to take her photo!
On a complete side note, I wanted to remember that Keaton now says that he wants lots of everything. We will usually respond, "you have plenty". He now says, "I have plenty, but I want lots!".


Becky Gonce said...

Beautiful picts! and a beautiful growing quickly girl! Thanks for the chore tips! We are hoping to come down in Nov... can you put us on your calender? probably inside at that time, since weather won't be so great?!?!

Pamella said...

Kyla, these are darling photos. The lavender is a beautiful backdrop and brings out the best in Tiana's coloring. Heirloms indeed.