Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camden's Birthday Photos

Every year I take photos of the kids just for their birthday invitations. I finally got Camden's done this last week. I made his shirt for him using the same freezer paper method only I used 5 different colors this time!!! A lot easier than it sounds. Then I added the little hedgehogs nose and eyes with embroidery floss. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and am quite proud of how it turned out. We are having a hedgehog birthday of course!

Playing peek-a-boo, or blowing kisses, either way he was being goofy!

This is the look that he always has while he is nodding his head! He gets very excited about whatever he is saying yes about!
This one was kisses!

Detail shot of the cute little guys!


Heidi said...

Soooo cute -- both the boy and the shirt! He is such a combination of you two.

Becky Gonce said...

What a cutie...can't belive he is a year! And adorable shirt! I can't wait to see pictures of this hedgehog party!