Sunday, June 27, 2010

11 Months and Fishing

One more month and this little boy will be ONE! This last month the biggest news has been him walking. Now he tries to run.... he has walking conquered. He loves being able to feel like he can keep up with his big brother and sister. It still seems weird to see him walk right behind me from room to room, he looks way to little for that! He is also done nursing we finished weaning right after convention. He did great with slowly doing one less feeding. Now he is just using a sippy cup with milk every meal and after nap. He answers every question with a nod or a shake of the head. He also learned (during convention) how to close his eyes voluntarily. I will have to get a photo of him squeezing them shut.... SO cute! He LOVES hats and will cry if it comes off and he can't get it back on. It has been really nice since we spend most every day outside. So, with this in mind, I had to do some photos of him in one of his little hats.
Kissing face. I told him to give Daddy kisses!

Photos were quite challenging this time because he just wanted to walk around and explore.

While I took photos the kids and Daddy tried out some fishing. They didn't catch anything this time. Usually at these ponds they have GREAT luck. Oh well, the kids had a blast anyway.

Looking for fish!
This was actually a really pretty location that would work great for photos! We may have to try it out here sometime. By the time we found the dock Camden was done for the evening.


Twila said...

Your title made it sound to me like He was only 11 months and already fishing! ;-)