Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July weekend

We headed up to New Meadows for the weekend of the 4th. Most of my family was there so we had a fun time! Saturday we went to the lake in McCall, it was a little chilly but the kids didn't seem to mind. They still got their swimsuits on and did some swimming!

Tiana's new hair-do, french braids! Being a monkey!
Camden saw the water and it was all I could do to keep him out of it until we got his swimsuit on!
Giving Mommy lots of loves.

Sharing her "cupcake".

Later that evening we enjoyed a little walk and some fishing.

Tiana caught her first few fish all by herself and Keaton caught 15!

We finished off the day by lighting our few fireworks.

Auntie Kyla and Tiana.

Tiana was TERRIFIED! She covered her eyes and with the hand that you see holding her blanket, it was also plugging her ear!
She ended up falling asleep, Camden was just quiet relaxed on Sissy's lap.
On the fourth we took the kids to the pool in the afternoon.

Tiana had lots of fun with her Daddy.

Camden likes to get his floaty rocking enough so that he can put his face under water!

Keaton flying off the side!

Grandma-Great and Keaton spent a LOT of time in the evening driving around together. Here Camden was getting a ride too.
Our three cuties.

Keaton still loves the horses. This one would just come up at nuzzle him.

We then headed out to the Lake to watch the fireworks.

Camden looks so grown up here!

Trying to get a cute photo of Keaton.... this is what he does when I ask him to look at me!
That's more like it!

Wearing Papa's hat.
Cuddling with Papa.
A beautiful way to watch fireworks.
Monday we finished out the weekend by going kayaking... well all but me, Tiana, Camden and Nana. We went over to watch them take off though.
Getting ready to cast off.

We had a great weekend.
Camden closing his eyes. He squeezes them shut as tight as he can get them!
On Friday night we went to our first Hawks baseball game of the year.

We have spent the rest of our days catch up from being gone, getting ready to be gone again, and we have been cooling off in the pool at a friends' house! As per normal it is a busy summer.