Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Photos

First just one of my beautiful daughter modeling a new headband from a neighbor of ours. We have an amazing little exchange going, photos for product. We LOVE it. I use most of them for my photography business but then Tiana uses a few too.

We got photos taken just in time last week. It was a perfect evening, the kids just had little colds(seriously mild for everyone but Tiana) but took great naps so we decided to go for it. They did great and the next morning Tiana was awful.... well her asthma was actually! Last time she had albuterol it made her hyper, oh my! We are talking running in circles for hours on end hyper. This time I gave it to her and she went to sleep..... after a good night sleep in the late morning...... I couldn't wake her up and she was still weezing. So, yes, this scared me. I took her right in to the doctor and now we are owners of a nebulizer. We couldn't go anywhere this weekend (until today) because we couldn't be away from a plug-in for more than 4-6 hours. Good news is it does seem to be working better for her. Bad news is we found out that her asthma is definitely bad and is going to be a problem that we are always aware of. We are going to have to get used to always having an inhailer on hand and if we are out of town the nebulizer will have to come with us. Anyways, back to photos!
Camden is now 10 months old!!!! New this month is the whole walking experience! He is really trying more and more. He can walk as for as 6-8 feet at a time when he wants to. He is signing more, please, thank-you, eat, drink, pacifier, sleepy, all done, and excuse me. He knows how to shake and nod his head so he can tell us yes and no which is wonderful. He also says mama, dada (of course, nothing new) nana, anana (banana), dow (down), bubu (brother Keaton), and new just this weekend papa. He is really into copying sounds also just recently. His new thing is to fake sneeze.... we have a video I will have to get uploaded.... he goes "aaaaaaaaaaaaa-da". Doesn't quite know how to say "choo" He is quite proud of himself.We also had to do some of Keaton for his 3 1/2 year mark!
I have a feeling we will be seeing lots of smiles like this in school photos! No teeth grins are his specialty!

Here is a prime example of the girl we normally see day to day! She is just goofy! We told her to smell the flowers, hoping for a cute, sweet photo. Nope she has to be a goon!

LOVE this one! Camden looks like he is going NO more kisses!
We told Keaton to kiss Daddy.... however... Daddy is prickly so he came up with a solution!

One of my all time favorite photos of my big boy!

You will have to ignore the waving hands and foot in the air. Camden was a lot harder to take photos of this month. He wanted to be up and running around exploring, NOT sitting and looking at a camera and smiling!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing and Projects

I am fairly certain that when Little Tikes designed this play gym that this was not how they intended it to be used. However, my kids prefer to see how high they can climb, see what they can see over the fence (sorry to our neighbors) all this is also known as, see what they can do to give Mommy a heart attack!

I finished Tiana's skirt this past week. This is her sad face. I can try it on Mom but I don't have to be happy about it!
Then I will really try hard to pretend to have fun!
LOVE these prints! Nicey Jane is a favorite fabric line of mine right now, speaking of which if you have any good fat quarter patterns let me know since I just got the entire line of fat quarters on sale!!! The top part of the skirt used to be a pair of pants. However they drove me crazy because they were low rise pants so they wouldn't stay up. My tall daughter is wearing 3T pants for length but they are not intended to wear with diapers. Oh well this pair of pants made a perfect skirt.

Today I got her butterflies hung up in her room. She kept telling me all day today, "Thank you Mommy, I lub them!"
What you see from the door.
What Tiana sees when she looks up at them! No wonder she loves them!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cousin Photos

For Mother's Day (a little late) we got the cousins all together to do photos. It doesn't seem like we ever get this done early enough to actually surprise her on Mother's day but Grandma doesn't seem to mind that they are a little late. When photographing 5 kids 3 and under it can be a bit hairy!!! Thank goodness Nana came along to help.
Every once and a while you get ONE photo where everyone is looking, granted it isn't the best of all of MY kids but at least all the kids are looking and none of them are crying!
The other times I am so glad that I am best friends with Photoshop because it takes a total of three different photos with lots of head swapping to get this..... turned out adorable after it is all complete!
Here are some outtakes:
Just when you think you have every one's attention.... a goose walks by!
The little boys then decide what kind of mischief they can cause...
They all look at you like you have LOST your mind. We thought that what we were doing behind the camera was supposed to be funny..... guess not!
And Kason is still pretty sure that we have completely missed seeing the goose RIGHT THERE!
Double trouble!
Remington: 10 1/2 Months

Kason: 17 1/2 Months
Keaton: 3 1/2 Years

Camden: 9 1/2 Months
Keaton was fake sneezing which he thinks is just the funniest thing EVER!

Tiana: 2 Years

LOVE this one of my boys!