Monday, May 17, 2010

Picnic in the Park

It is funny how once you have kids, the things that sound so good and fun to do usually is what will make the kids happy. Happy kids=happy parents! So when I get to choose what I want to to for Mother's day I want to go on a picnic with just our little family. We had a great time on a beautiful day.
Right after we took these photos of the kids we have the following conversation with Keaton:
Keaton exclaims: Oh yeah Daddy, I almost forgot, I need to give you your money!
Daddy and I: (while laughing) Where did you get it?
Keaton: I swiped it from your wallet!
He hands Daddy a dollar, then digs in his pocket again and says: Wait here is one more!
Guess we need to watch our money now! The other funny thing (which works rather well) is that he prefers pennies and one dollar bills to anything else! That won't last long but we will enjoy it while it does!

We ate lunch and then played for a little bit with the (two) balls that we brought. Note to self: bring the same amount as the number of kids next time!
Tiana threw them WAY up in the air... and they usually came right down on her head!
While Keaton showed off his kicking ability.
Then we took a long walk and bike ride.
Riding is SERIOUS business. He has gotten really fast though... and a bit cocky!
Camden was quite happy to hold on to the ball while we walked, it made for a nice pillow!
Getting a lift from Daddy.
We finished up the afternoon by letting the older kids play in the park for a bit.

Camden got to enjoy the swings.
We did our part in spreading the dandelions!
I would like you to meet little Miss ATTITUDE! Not sure what the deal was here but little miss attitude came to visit. We see her on frequent occasion now that we are in the "terrible twos" and we are hoping that once this stage is gone we will see this little face and most of all, the spirit that comes with it, a little bit less! We can hope right!?!
We then ended up the afternoon with a run (or jump) in the neat new sprinkler that Tiana got for her birthday. The one that Keaton has been bugging me about since she opened it!! We finally got a warm enough day to try it out, if I would have listened to Keaton they would have tried it out when it was in the 50's!

Today we went over to spend some time with one of my closest friends and her ADORABLE little girl. Madelyn was very patient with Keaton and Keaton soaked up every moment with her(he didn't share her really much at all). He loves babies and misses not being able to hold Camden any more.

On a side note, Camden has been REALLY wanting to walk lately. Saturday he took 3 then 4 steps and Sunday he took 5 steps a few times. He is starting to experiment with it!


KatieB said...

What a great Mother's Day! Cute pics. That is one cool stroller...I've never seen one like that!