Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing and Projects

I am fairly certain that when Little Tikes designed this play gym that this was not how they intended it to be used. However, my kids prefer to see how high they can climb, see what they can see over the fence (sorry to our neighbors) all this is also known as, see what they can do to give Mommy a heart attack!

I finished Tiana's skirt this past week. This is her sad face. I can try it on Mom but I don't have to be happy about it!
Then I will really try hard to pretend to have fun!
LOVE these prints! Nicey Jane is a favorite fabric line of mine right now, speaking of which if you have any good fat quarter patterns let me know since I just got the entire line of fat quarters on sale!!! The top part of the skirt used to be a pair of pants. However they drove me crazy because they were low rise pants so they wouldn't stay up. My tall daughter is wearing 3T pants for length but they are not intended to wear with diapers. Oh well this pair of pants made a perfect skirt.

Today I got her butterflies hung up in her room. She kept telling me all day today, "Thank you Mommy, I lub them!"
What you see from the door.
What Tiana sees when she looks up at them! No wonder she loves them!


jessica said...

What an adorable skirt!

Cassie said...

Cute skirt...I love the way you did the butterflies!

Sandra Ramey said...

I like the burreflies too and yes...I thought the skirt was very me a good idea for grandkids:)