Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

As you can tell, both of the kids enjoy the dress up clothes that Tiana got for her birthday!!
LOVE this one. They are such good friends.... most of the time!
New dress for the little miss! Finished this on Saturday night just in time for her to wear on Sunday! She loves it because it has a pocket. Guess I will need to add pockets to her dresses!

The pattern and material are from MODKID. I NEED their new patterns that just came out for knit!!!!!
Goofy faces!

Mike came and stayed with us for a few days last week. It was so nice to have him here and the kids loved it! We took a walk one evening and Keaton learned how to ride his bike (with training wheels of course). He got so good that he even crashed a few times.... got right back on though!
We didn't do anything big for Mother's Day this year since we had company but we hope to do something this Saturday. Love my little family!
After gospel meeting we headed over to Weiser for the evening.
These two are about the same size and height, they even have the exact same color hair! Cousin Remington and Camden had fun together.... just wait until they are both walking! Yikes. They already copy each other!
All the cousins making a mess... aka.... having fun!
Trying to get Camden to walk!
Making beautiful.... well let's just call it noise! It was cute though because they were singing hymns!
Adding the harmonica too!
Not sure why he decides to show off when he is COVERED in food but oh well. Here he is playing peek-a-boo. He has to concentrate so hard to get his hands over his eyes. Most of the time one hand gets over one eye and the other one is on his nose or mouth!
And again, enjoying his dinner and making faces!

You can REALLY see his top two off to the side teeth in this photo! Hope the other two come through in a hurry or he will be seriously lopsided!
Showing off how good he can stand up... if he has something in his hand! He doesn't really realize how well he can do it yet.
Judging by the amount of drool I would say that his teeth are on their way through! He doesn't usually drool at all.


Becky Gonce said...

So cute! Love the dress too.. I'll have to check out that company! I just finished a matching outfit for A and I and made a bow tie for Carson... Danny wasn't too keen on the idea of matching....ha... love the lopsided teeth! Both kids had the two outer tops come in before the middle two.. Camden is getting so big...standing up! Wow!

Cassandra said...

Very cute! I was admiring Tiana's dress on Sunday! Pockets are always a hit with my girls...places to stash rocks which I later find in the washing machine...