Monday, May 3, 2010

Camden:9 Months

I know I say this every month but I can't believe how fast he is growing up! Camden is now 9 months old. We took these a week and a half ago but with all of Tiana's birthday celebrations they didn't get edited until now! Starting this past week Camden has really started wanting to walk. He loves it for me to take his hand/hands and walk him everywhere. He get frustrated by his walker because it doesn't go exactly where he wants it to go. Starting Saturday he really has been experimenting with standing and taking a few steps. He let go of the sliding glass door and took two steps to me. He also loves to get stood up then let go and see how long he can stand by himself. After standing for a while he starts clapping for himself!! He so wants to keep up with his brother and sister which right now means he wants to walk. Of course we have a ways to go before he is walking all the time but he is beginning to head in that direction! He has also decided that he will have no more baby food. And we have to feed him what we are eating, not something from the fridge that would be easier! He is signing "more" and occasionally he is signing "please" and "eat" also. He loves being right in the middle of everything much to Keaton's dismay at times! He has become VERY vocal and is always very active. This next month will bring more independence and I just hope that he will remember to keep being the cuddly boy that he is. He loves giving big wet kisses to Mommy and Daddy gets them occasionally, followed by quite the face because Daddy is prickly! At his well baby check-up he was 18 pounds 9 ounces (23%) and 29.25 inches long ( 82%). He had an ear infection this past month and had quite a few rough days and nights. He also got two more teeth last Wednesday.... and not the normal top middle two. He got his top middle left and then the one next to it on the left. The right side better come through soon or he is going to be quite lopsided!

Goofy face!

This one truly shows how crazy his hair can be.... well usually is!


Country Family said...

9 MONTHS??? I refuse to believe it! :) so cute