Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catch up

It seems like it has been forever since I posted on here! So catch up here we come.....
Matching shirts. Keaton is really into matching things (same color, same patterns etc) so matching his baby brother is something really special!
The middle of last month Mommy, Nana, Auntie Kyla and Camden took a trip to Portland while Uncle Mark watched the older two while Daddy worked and then they had fun with Daddy. All parties survived! Tiana learned that Uncle Mark and Uncle Derek really are not that scary, Mark learned that he had to tell them 'no' about some things (like Keaton climbing on top of everything) and the kids had a blast. Mommy had a much needed little break and came home with an early birthday present for myself!!! A new sewing machine, being that my old one, while running fine, was 34 years old and didn't have some of the features that I was wanting since I use it so much! Auntie Kyla gets the oldie but goody and I get my new Viking Husqvarna that I am getting to know. It is weird having to pull out the manual to figure out how to do ANYTHING! I do love love love it though!!!!
Anyways, we stopped by Grammy and Poppy's house on the way home. The kids had lots of fun with "new" toys (antique of course).
Camden loved this Little People airport.
We finally figured out how to have Camden enjoy the bath again.... take him out of the bath seat!! Apparently he doesn't like it. Now he LOVES bath time again.
Watching breakfast cook.
Mommy got the kids a little table and chair set at IKEA while we were gone! Keaton helped Daddy put it together. They have LOVED this. All week long they have played at their table coloring, playing with play food for their kitchen, reading books, etc. Best money spent on a kids item in a long time!
We helped Papa celebrate his birthday this last weekend.
After we got to Nana and Papa's house I saw something bright pink peaking out from under Tiana's dress. I looked at what it was and discovered that after her nap she must have put on her tutu!! She insisted on wearing it all day under her dress! Just shows how much of a girly girl my little Miss Tiana is!
I got to enjoy a baby shower for one of my best friends (Erin) that I have known since diapers! We can't wait to meet her little girl!!! Erin, Tami and I grew up together, it is so fun to still live close to them as we are all married now.
I finally had time to set up my sewing machine and finish Tiana's bible bag! I am totally in love with this fabric and am hording every little scrap! I am going to make a dress for Tiana this fall out of it.
Little birdy. Keaton can't figure out why it only has one eye and keeps looking inside for the other one!
Little mister Camden is all over the place standing up everywhere now. He was so cute watching out the window while Keaton and Tiana played. He kept whining up at me to let him out too.

He loves putting his cheeks against the window and his tongue! Would love to get a photo of this from the outside!
I always find him playing on his knees now, bouncing up and down.
Hmmmm, am I tall enough to get that plant?
Now today I was getting Tiana dressed when I realized that I hadn't heard from Camden. Usually after I get him dressed he crawls into Tiana's room behind me. I went to look for him and this is what I found.
But Mom, it is so fun to swish the toilet paper around in the water!
Then grab some more and keep adding some!
Tonight for April Fool's Day I froze Keaton's milk and then put a little bit more on top so that it looked normal.....
He thought it was so funny. We explained what April Fool's Day is and he said that I was "very tricky!"
I then told them that this is what our dessert was! I told them that we were going to eat the dirt and there were even little worms poking out!
Tiana asked for a spoon and dug right in, no questions asked. Now you have to understand that this girl eats real dirt all the time. She really is quite the dirt connoisseur and this was declared "mmmmmm yummy".

Now Keaton on the other hand had to be force fed a single bite so that he would see that it was a joke. He liked it but still didn't find it that funny to eat dirt and the worms... NO WAY!
A few little new things. On Sunday (during morning mtg of course) Camden learned how to click his tongue! Then Wed. he learned how to make a kissing noise!
Keaton told me today that "My tummy feels very grumpy" then after lunch he said "My tummy is happy now".
I know that I definitely grew up in a different day and age when my 3 year old sees a photo and informs me "Oooo that's a cute one, we should put it on the blog!"


Cassandra said...

Very cute. All of it!

Becky Gonce said...

Thanks for the update... Kids are So cute in what they say and do! I love the photo of the "basket" (Camden) TOo cute!