Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiana: 2 Years

This past week I spotted an orchard that was bright pink and beautiful and I knew that I just had to do some photos of Tiana in it. So in between our her bouts of allergies we headed out to do some photos for her upcoming second birthday. We hit it just right too, perfect evening, beautiful blooms, and two days later we had a sick little girl again so perfect timing! I brought extra outfits along just in case she decided to be cooperative and we were able to do all three outfits with different little hair styles also! Now to decide which to enlarge!!
She loves "utterbyes" (butterflies) right now and she is going to have a butterfly cake so when I saw this shirt I knew that it would be perfect for her birthday and then her invitation also.

We told her to put her hands on her hips! She didn't remember where they were and thought we must mean head!

I know I am the Mom but good grief this little girl is beautiful!

This is the dress that I made her a while back! Still one of my favorites.


Twila said...

The last one is my favorite! You should blow that one up. At least put it in your studio! (if you have walls to do that) :-) Can't believe how big they are getting!

wendy said...

yes, she is a little beauty!! which is why i like the close-ups best - to see those eyes!

Diane said...

She is such a cutie. I just have to chuckle every time I see pictures of your little ones. They are so cute.

Becky Gonce said...

Completely ADORABLE>.. And they grow SO fast!