Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photo Catch-up

After my last post I jinxed myself in saying that we were getting better. Tiana had a MAJOR relapse and we found out that she has allergies... and ASTHMA.... plus an ear/sinus infection (probably not taken care of by the first dose of antibiotics). Anyways, she is now on Singulair which should help the allergies and asthma. We also have some albuterol for emergency (this makes her VERY hyper). And of course a different antibiotic as well as cough meds again. I can finally say that we have our normal girl back. It has been weird having a crazy hyper happy girl again. I didn't realize how cranky she had been for so long, you just get used to it! Poor girl is doing better, now if we can just get her allergies under control.
Three sick kiddos find out that the toy box is more fun without all the toys in it!
Good morning hair and her goofy little faces she discovered she can do!

And who would believe that five minutes later this is our same little girl!
Camden is cruising now behind his walker. He would also love it if we would just walk around holding his hands all day long.
Last weekend a bunch of family was in town for Grandma Jerry's 100th birthday! I snapped some photos before we headed that way for dinner Friday night.

Grammy and Poppy were there so the kids got a little bit of time with them!
LOVE this look between Poppy and Tiana. She got quite attached to Poppy which was SO cute!
All the Uncles had fun with the kids teaching them all sorts of tricks and making them VERY hyper!
All of the Great-Grandkids on my dad's side that were there. We were missing a bunch but had to get a photo of the 3 families that were there.
I finished Keaton's bible bag and he loves it! I love my new machine. I could have never appliqued this on with my old machine and had it look this perfect.
Keaton picked out the fabrics that he liked best from this collection by Riley Blake.
Peek under the flap.....
And there are his crayons.
The inside.
We spend an evening over with Jeff and Anna and the kids got to play.
Our little monkey!
One day when Keaton was still sleeping and the other two were awake from naps we headed outside and filled a Rubbermaid up with water for them to play in.

They both had a blast and got soaking wet!
Tippy-toe reaching while Mommy keeps a close eye making sure he doesn't fall in face first.

Then the next day Grandma and Auntie Krystal and Kason came over to play!
Love the little tummy sticking out!

We got their suits on, just in case they got wet... ha ha ha! Didn't know they would all try to SIT in the Rubbermaid! Camden's trying to make room for him!

So out came the pool for the first time this Summer!

Then of course the slide had to go in!
And Keaton, being the boy that he is, has to JUMP off the slide instead of slide like a normal kid!
Camden enjoying watching the chaos from the safety of his own little pool!
Mommy's birthday was Saturday so we had to get a few photos before heading out to dinner!
I got spoiled this year and got my new sewing machine PLUS a massage gift certificate! On top of all that Daddy took the kids for most of the day Saturday while I headed over with my sewing machine to a "Crafternoon" at a friends house! Tonight we enjoyed my favorite dessert made by my hubby and kids. The kids enjoyed "helping" lick the beaters and spoons of course!

This week we have a busy week getting ready for Tiana's second birthday!!!!


AmyB said...

You did a great job on Keaton's bag! I love the colors.

AmyB said...

I wasn't familiar with Riley Blake, so I looked it up and they're located less than 1/2 mile from our apartment. Funny! Too bad they're wholesale only. It would be a handy place to shop! They have some CUTE fabric.