Friday, April 2, 2010

First Haircut!

Keaton and Daddy needed haircuts tonight so we decided to give Camden a much needed trim also! So he got his first sucker and haircut! I had quite the audience which worked great to distract him.
He loves suckers and held it all by himself like a big boy, he didn't even mind if it got some hair on it!
Love those little toes.
Other side now. I mainly just cut the sides and around his ears.
Saying hi to the cute little boy with less hair!
He looked like a little lion at the end from all the sticky slobber that hair stuck to. We won't even mention what the bathroom looked like!!
Camden has been eating just like a big kid too! He had a pbj sandwich yesterday, loves grilled cheese, spaghetti is also a favorite, today he discovered ramen noodles and rice with chicken and peas. He does fine with baby food still if we are out and about but at home he really wants to eat what we are eating.
We have also been sleep training him. It has been going wonderful at naps, he hardly cries and goes right to sleep. Nights have been a little bit of a battle but tonight (knock on wood) he only cried for about a minute then put himself right to sleep. Last night it was almost 45 minutes before he stopped crying and went to sleep. It does work so much better though if we wakes up in the middle of the night for him to go back to sleep on his own rather than being rocked. I only did a couple early mornings because he wanted held and rocked before I said ENOUGH! He didn't want to eat but he wouldn't let me put him down! The only reason we waited was because Keaton and Camden share a room and so it makes the sleep training a little harder. It looks like we are over the worst of it now though!!! YAY!


amydee said...

Kyla, are you sure he's not really a YEAR and 8 months old? WOW!