Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, those of you who check Facebook know where I have been these past couple weeks.... Besides being a Mom, chef, maid, referee, entertainer, etc my other main "job" was a pharmacist!
It all started when I took Tiana into Quick Care for a cough that wouldn't go away, only to find out that she had an AWFUL ear infection. She had no fever, wasn't cranky, didn't say her ear hurt but the doctor said that if his ear had looked like that he would have been in the ER! He also mentioned that she may be getting pink eye and to keep and eye on it. We woke up the next morning to all three kids with pink eye and bad colds. A few days later I took Camden in with a fever and he had an ear infection too. Mind you, we have NEVER had an ear infection and then within a week we had 2! The next days Camden ran a 103.5 fever every evening and night.... makes for some stressful evenings and sleepless nights. Of course the quick care doctor tells me not to give the kids any medicine for coughs. However he wasn't watching our little girl cough so hard she was throwing up and holding her upright so that she could get a little bit of sleep at night and rubbing her back while she coughed harder that any little body should have to. So I administered medicine, lots of it between pink eye prescriptions, ear infection meds, cough medicine (of course the recommended dosage based off what MY doctor gave me), and Motrin or Tylenol. It was quite the job when they all get stuff! Needless to say Camden broke out in a rash a few days ago and we discovered that he is allergic to amoxacillin..... so off to the pharmacy we went to get yet another prescription!
We are finally on the mend and I think that Monday should be our last day of prescriptions! YAY! It has been SO nice having my happy kids back... oh yeah and my good sleepers... really missed that! Why is it that whenever the kids get really sick that you are stuck going to Quick Care instead of their doctor because it is in the evening or on the weekend? At least my Quick Care is in the same medical group as my doctor so they have all of our medical records on file. However I did miss getting them in to our doctor. Tiana and Camden have their 2 year and 9 month check ups on Wednesday and it will be nice to make sure that their ears look totally better.
We do have a few photos from the last couple of days since the kids have been well again so those will be coming soon. Oh a positive note the weather has be BEAUTIFUL so we have been spending a lot of time outside letting the sun get rid of our germs!


AmyB said...

Glad you're on the mend! That always happens to us too...we've seen the Minor Emergency doctor more than our own pediatrician. Friday nights are the worst for getting sick! Fortunately, I used to work with the ME doctor that we see, so I don't mind going there.

gramma kissy said...

And this is why God planned that Mommies cannot bear children in their old age!Just reading your blog made me want to take a nap.If it's any consolation-Ray had a terrible ear infection with this spring flu going around,so don't feel it's the beginning of a trend!
Keep up the good work,