Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding Weekend

We had a very busy weekend with family that was all here for my cousin Jill's wedding.
Here she is with the kids: Her nephew Brett, our kids and Chloe, who is 6 weeks older than Tiana.
We snuck in a family photo after the rehearsal since we have some additions since the last one.

We even got a decent one of our little family.

Shauna got some baby time while we helped the kids learn what they were going to be doing at the wedding.

Chloe and Tiana got to practice playing in the wagon... their job was to make it hard on the boys and to look cute. Both of which took no practice!

Tiana being an entertainer, she was great at making Chloe laugh.

Daddy and Keaton
The big day. Keaton was very impressed with his flower!
The cute little flower girl.
My kiddos.
Kisses for Camden.
Family photo.

Smiles for Daddy.

LOVE this photo!

The entire wedding party.
Excited to see flower petals in the wagon this time!
Kisses for Sissy while we wait to go down the aisle.
Keaton was going to be the ring bearer but with two almost 30 pound girls in the wagon Brett had a hard time pulling by himself so Keaton had to push! This worked out great because it gave Keaton something to do and he took his job VERY seriously!
We were sure that the girls wouldn't stay in the wagon during the wedding so we had the wagon pulled around to the side.... only for them to not want to get OUT of the wagon!
Love the curls.
They played and giggled and threw the flower petals out of the wagon.
Then as soon as the wedding was done and they headed out Keaton made a beeline out the row to push the wagon back out. That wasn't the original plan but they wanted to so out they went!
Mark and Kyla had a sleeping Camden the entire wedding.
Uncle Derek playing with Keaton on the slide!
Sleepy little girl.
My cousin's family was there and Gracie just loved Camden.

Nana, Papa and their grandkids.
On the way out Tiana was very upset to find that her seat was not hooked onto the stroller. So we plopped her into the infant carseat to be pushed out. She was so tired and got quite a kick out of this.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Kids

Three kids.... all happy.... smiling at the same time.... AND looking at the camera.... SERIOUSLY! Yep, I still am just shocked!

Of course, hair isn't combed and we are all in play clothes but hey you take what you get. Once I get them all dressed ready for photos this won't happen, that's for sure!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On the mend

Our kitchen counter looks like the local pharmacy with all the coughing and fevers in this household! We are getting better though. Daddy brought a nasty little bug home and of course it spreads like wildfire. Tiana got it first and while she was being mellow and not feeling good Keaton felt sorry for her and was giving her lots of loves and kisses..... hmmmm no big surprise when he came down with it. Luckily this Mommy just got a VERY mild case of it. Now Camden may be coming down with it but it doesn't seem to bad yet so that's good. Daddy is all better and besides Tiana being a little..... ha...... cranky, she seems better. Keaton seems way better today than yesterday too. Getting them all better to be in my cousin's wedding this weekend!!! YAY! Can't wait to see them all dressed up cute... let's just hope they cooperate.
When I did Tiana and Kason's photos the other night Sissy was wondering why she didn't get to take photos with the car and wagon!! You can tell she has grown up with brothers!
Kason is wondering why she is taking his toys!
Cousin chat.
Kisses... hope we didn't share any germs.

Kason: Ok seriously one is enough.
We tried a new hair-do. It looked so cute from the back but she looked rather bald from the front... she needs some more hair on top.

Getting chubby.

Trying to see over the fence.
I am sure that before too long he will figure out how to get all the way up.... then so will Tiana since she was taking notes this whole time.
Last but not least Tiana has been going around chanting BOISE STATE since the last game! Got it on video last night!