Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tiana 16 Months

I can't believe our little girl is not even one and a half! She is talking up a storm putting two words together and saying just about anything we ask her to. She is using a spoon and fork proficiently all the time... even with cold cereal in the morning. Her hand eye coordination is just amazing for a little girl her age. We have to keep reminding ourselves that she is only 16 months. It doesn't help that she is the size of most two year olds. We know that the kids just grow up too fast but we also can't slow them down. Tiana looks up to her brother and tries to do everything he does.... because of this she has become quite the little climber this past month. I routinely catch her on top of the end tables or jumping on the bed. She is at the age that her emotions are worn on her sleeve.... she can't contain her excitement and likewise there is no doubt about it when she is mad or sad. Thank-goodness for this shoot she was happy... as you can tell!

Love these little chubby cheeks that she still has.


Cassie said...

So absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe how big she is!

P.S. Love this location!

Shana said...

Absolutely adorable!

Pamella said...

Kyla, I just have to tell you how precious your little girl is and that you are a wonderful photographer. Amazing pictures.