Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Fair and Game

Last weekend we went down to the Fair and checked out the animals! Of course they had a blast.
Trying to feed the goats their bedding!
Keaton LOVES the goats.... well animals in general.
Taking a look at the horses!
Happy baby boy!

Taking his first fair ride all my himself!!! Couldn't believe my little boy did it all on his own.... and it moved quite fast also!
Riding on the Ferris wheel with Daddy.

Smiling at Daddy.
And the big game!!!!
We will have to take some more when Keaton's Bell's Palsy is gone but these will do for now!

Kisses for Camden.
Our little Broncos.
Cheering with Papa.
"I'll smile but I won't take my eyes off the field, Mom"
The kids of course had a BLAST. I was a little bit worried since the game STARTED after Tiana's bedtime. She snacked the whole game and had so much fun.

Hanging out in the Moby Wrap with Mommy.... Camden's perch for the game.
Plugging her ears until she got used to the noise.
Waking up to eat and look around for a bit before crashing again!

Big smiles. I can't believe how happy our little boy always is. He is always smiling and talking when he is awake! We love it!
We will leave you with a video of Tiana's cheering and Camden's Cooing!
Weekend photos to come soon!
A few new little expressions he has picked up on:
Keaton: "Arrg, Driving me CRAZY"
Mommy: "What is driving you crazy?"
Keaton: "My sissy!"
He gets that expression from me and the following from his Daddy.
Keaton: (trying to put on his jersey by himself) "*sigh* Hoey Moey" (Holy Moly)


Becky Gonce said...

I kinda like Keaton's crooked little grin! Though his full smile is better! Hope all is going well and you are getting some answers..