Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Relaxing, Refreshing Weekend

We headed up to the mountains for the long weekend. My grandparents have a house up in New Meadows as well as a rental house so we stayed at the rental for a VERY lazy relaxing few days.
Smiles behind a pacifier before bed.
Showing off how well he can hold up his head during tummy time.
Showing off muscles in Sissy's hat and his underwear!
Checking out the beautiful view.

Driving with Grandpa Great while Daddy.....
fixes a blown out tire!!!! Of course, what a way to start a Saturday!
We got a new tire and naps for the kids and Mommy then headed off to the beach!
Surprise, Surprise, this is what our little boy did!
Checking out the "HUGE sandbox" as Keaton exclaimed!

Peeking out to see if it was worth waking up.... it wasn't!

Of course it took no time at all for the kids to be IN the water.... even though it was only 70 degrees out and the water was cold.

Cute little beach bum.
Keaton was "fishing" for sticks.
Showing Daddy his catch. Daddy said "Wow that's a lunker Keaton". Keaton corrected "No Daddy, it is a FISH." These parents of mine..... just don't know about them sometimes!

Keaton then got to take some photos. He LOVES it when he gets a chance to handle the camera and he is getting better actually! He took the next couple.

The handy self-timer came in handy also!
The kids just love holding hands right now and us parents love watching it!
Best of friends.

I just love this little series. Tiana is trying to give her brother kisses....

They settled on a hug instead.
Brothers before bed.

Keaton loves horses and they seem to love him.

LOVE this one.
Checking out their nose!
Grandpa and Grandma Great's house in the background.
Smiles for Nana. Nana, Papa, Uncle Mark, Auntie Kyla, Uncle Derek and Kyla's family all joined us on Sunday afternoon.

Cheesy grin.
Helping Mommy catch up on laundry yesterday.
Last night we checked on Tiana before we headed to bed and this is what we found!!! Apparently she decided it was too much work to get back into bed after getting out. She slept on the floor in a sleeping bag all weekend and she must have enjoyed it! We found her on the floor again this morning!!

We had a wonderful time and it was very much needed. I had my MRI yesterday and we haven't heard back with the final results yet... however... after it was done the techs said that they would have to compare it to the first one to see if they could see ANYTHING. They said it looked good and they wouldn't be sending me home if they saw anything of concern. If they told me that much they must not have seen anything. I talked to my Doctor and she agreed that if it would have been a cm they would have been able to see it and that I may just have an overactive pituitary gland. Good news is that probably if there is any tumor at all it is VERY small. So as of now the plan is to continue breast feeding for the time being. We are looking forward to hearing the final results sometime tomorrow. I did find out this weekend that I am allergic to any medication that is Sulfa based I guess! I broke out in an itchy rash all over. Needless to say, I had to take lots of Benadryl so Camden has been sleeping a lot!


Shana said...

Looks like you guys had a nice relaxing weekend! Such a bunch of cute photos! Love the hand holding/kissing/hugging pics! Camden is already getting so big! Thinking of you!!

Cassie said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is looking alright. I've been thinking about you.

Such cute photos! I'm especially loving the ones of Keaton and the horses! So sweet!

Will, Shelley, Chet, Zane, Reid, Lily said...

How funny!! Kids don't care where/how they sleep!