Monday, September 14, 2009

Another game

We ventured out for the BSU game even though Tiana and Daddy have colds. Tiana was quite content just hanging out on Daddy's lap and Nana and Mommy just left early to get her home to bed. Keaton waving his pom-pom around cheering them on. I just love this little grin!
Our little girl is just as much of a fan as Keaton is!
Trying Daddy's hat on for size.
Mommy and Camden, who did wonderful once again. He woke up to eat and look around a bit and then went right back to sleep.
Camden is now sleeping 9-11 hours at night!!!! LOVING THIS! I know we have got lucky 3 times but don't worry, I don't take it for granted!


Mama Moe said...

How do you get Camden to sleep that long? Emilyn still isn't..and I'm getting desperate! Send me an email if you have the time to tell me your secrets!

AmyB said...

What I want to know is how do YOU go for 9-11 hours without exploding!!! That's amazing. I could never make it more than 5 hours, especially at the beginning.