Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding weekend

This last weekend we were at a very intimate wedding of some very close friends/relatives of ours. I did the photos after the wedding so I just got to starting to look at them and remembered that I had snapped a few of the kids also.

Taking a quick break from the photo taking to get some time with my little girl.
I was taking photos of the couple when I turned around and just loved this little moment with Daddy and his kids.

Keaton was my little photo helper! He has never been around me while I am taking photos unless it is of them.... for rather obvious reasons.... they aren't normally the biggest helpers! I am been so busy lately with appointments in the evenings that he was excited to be able to see me work since he hears that's what I do. He didn't get in my way but he stood by my side and counted to three and told them to smile. He also would copy my every little gesture. I sure wish I had a photo of it because it was just so adorable.
Also, Tiana has two new words that she has added to her vocabulary.
Cacker (Cracker)
Gog (Dog)


KatieB said...

Great photos, Kyla!