Tuesday, June 16, 2009

13 Month Photos

A couple of weeks ago we took Tiana's 13 Month photos in the rose garden which was right up her alley. She has really grown up it seems this last month. She is now running around everywhere.... prancing more like it. She has her hands out to her sides and she shakes her little bottom... cutest thing EVER! She has also learned a few new words, "pants" "shoooos" (shoes) "jooos" (juice) "scuse" (excuse me) "cheeees" (for say cheese at the camera) and she knows a cow says "mmmoooo". She also knows where her eyes, ears, nose, hair, and mouth are. She also LOVES singing the ABC's and even gets some of the letters in there.
Pointing out all the pretty flowers!

As you can tell this is the typical photo that we get of her now... running!
Love this beautiful profile.

Can't decide which way I like it better so I will put both up!
Goofy grins.


Country Family said...

Beautiful little girl! Can't wait to see her (and everyone else) in a couple of months...wish it was tomorrow!!! :( Have a wonderful convention!

Cassandra said...

oh, the profile! I absolutely love profiles with pinchable cheeks!