Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Park Time

Due to no babysitter yesterday we had to take the kids to the doctor with us for my 34 week appointment. We told them they could have a reward for being VERY good and they were exceptional so last night after dinner we went to the park. It is great when fun outings work as rewards...... that and the doctor gave them stickers! My doctor is a family practice/ob doctor so she is the kids' doctor also. So, on the way into the doctors office Keaton informed us that "I go to the doctor too and she shot me." He was quite excited about the prospect of Mommy getting shot also! Of course he didn't see the hilarity in any of this but it so cute to hear little comments like this. The appointment went great and after our next 2 week appointment we are down to one weeks... that just seems unreal! Keaton loved hearing the babies heartbeat and they let him help take my blood pressure which of course was quite a highlight of his day.
Sissy and the swings..... we can hardly keep her out of them at the park, they are a new favorite.
And of course Keaton...... climbing something.... BIG surprise!
Tiana figured out that she could climb up the steps on this little play thing and go down the slide on the other end ALL BY HERSELF!
More swings....
after a turn with Daddy she decided she needed to try out Mommy's lap.
Kisses from my sweet little boy.

She got going fast enough on this little slide that sometimes she flew right off the end, only to plop on her bottom, giggle and get up to do it again. She was so excited to do it herself.

We are very much looking forward to convention starting tomorrow!! We are heading out tonight to do the worker's photo.


Cassandra said...

See you soon, pretty mama!

Miller & Nanna's Mom said...

I love the profile picture in the black & white or whatever you call it. That is absolutely adorable. It was good to see you at Parma. I'm sure you will sure get some much needed rest now. Good luck.