Sunday, June 28, 2009

36 Weeks

Only about 4 more weeks to go and it just seems unreal! It has hit me this past week that I better get some things done around here! You know... pack my bags, wash the car seat, buy diapers.... things that need to be done before he decides to come meet us. I still am feeling great and haven't been that tired so I better get everything done while I can I suppose!
There are three of us right now in the Boise Field that are pregnant. Shauna is due Sept. 22, Amy Sept. 1, and me July 26th. We finally got a photo of all of us together.
This evening we went over to Auntie Shanna and Uncle Tom's house so that we could see our nephew again... and them of course!
Keaton got to hold him and was just great. He sat really still rocking him and smiling for the camera! He is going to be great with his new baby brother.
Lots of loves.


Swenson Family said...

Kyla, you look GREAT for only having 4 weeks left! Hope you get lots done between now and then and I wish you the best for labor and delivery! Hope all goes smooth.

Shana said...

So cute of Keaton with his new little cousin! Looks like he's ready for a little brother!