Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day at the Zoo

These first few are from a few days ago. Tiana peeking through the front porch.
Playing with cousin Kason.

Today we met 3 other Mommies with their kids for a fun day at the zoo. The weather was PERFECT and the kids all had a blast. There were 7 little kids running around which made it, well, a zoo! At least there were 4 pairs of adult eyes to keep track of them all. Next time we said that we are going to dress all the kids in the same bright color to help keep track of them.
Jace and Keaton doing what boys do best, CLIMB!
Lily (who is almost 2 and Keaton's FAVORITE person) and Tiana.
Seeing her first animal! I asked Keaton if he saw the Kitty and he informed me that "No, it is a BOBCAT Mommy!"
A line of kids and strollers.
Seeing the big giraffe slide!

Jace, Chloe and Tiana. Chloe is only 6 weeks older than Tiana so they will be great buds here pretty soon.
I just love this photo... shows how big Tiana is for her age next to Lily who is almost 2.
These little guys were Tiana's favorite.... well that and the big, HUGE turtle.
Not sure what kind of face this is.
Pretending to be a bird.
Touching a snake. Tiana was the only one in our family to touch it. Keaton said it was yucky and Mommy agreed!
Watching his favorite animals.... the giraffes.
Tiana took a small catnap through the African Exhibit.

Basking in the sun.... we were trying to get a cute photo of the kids and Keaton decided to lay down... all the other kids followed suit.

Me and my kids.
Taking a ride on the carousel... Keaton loved it.... Tiana was scared to death of it! I couldn't get her to ride on an animal and I couldn't get off of it fast enough for her.
Some of the rest of the crew.

Two tuckered out little girls looking at one of the last exhibits.