Sunday, June 21, 2009


These past 4 days have been WONDERFUL! We just got back from convention of course totally full..... and exhausted. Tends to happen with two active children I suppose. They did WAY better than we even imagined and this year was a lot easier than last year. Tiana napped in both morning and afternoon meeting for a portion at least and Keaton napped all of afternoon meeting. Of course the late to bed and early waking up sure wore them out but they were troopers. On the drive over on Friday morning Keaton says, "No wake me up anymore, let me sleep!" Of course then when he realized that he wouldn't get to go to convention he changed his mind. The best toy EVER for Tiana was her little purse filled up with a bunch of little finger puppets and toys. Every meeting she would empty and refill it OVER and OVER and OVER again!

Discovering the climbing tree... the same one that Daddy remembers climbing in when he was little.
Tiana was WAY more adventurous that we would have ever imagined. She did great with other people as long as they didn't get too close or attempt to pick her up. Here she was in the middle of a circle of teenage girls laughing and listening to their conversation!

Lily, Keaton and Jace.... buddies all convention of course.

When we got our snacks in the evening I wasn't thinking and just handed her a frosted graham cracker... of course the chocolate one instead of the white one. She loved it but needless to say it was a good thing it was the end of the day and bathtime!


Taking a quick photo with Mommy since we all matched. A tuckered out little boy. You know he is tired when

a: he lays down for a long period of time when he could be playing

b: he asks to take a nap

c: he says "I so sleepy" over and over again in conversation.
He almost didn't make it until meeting started before crashing.
Running around pointing at everything! She learned a couple new words in the past few days, she learned to sign "bird" and say "tree". There was something else she started saying and I will have to add it when I remember what it was! Saturday:
More tree climbing after lunch. We let him climb around for quite a while this time because all the kids were younger and not quite as wild! Lily and Keaton. Love the little look she is giving her big brother. Walking with Lily and her mom. Big blue eyes.
Right in the middle of a bunch of girls is where we find our boy of course! Also notice he is reading books nice and quietly..... why couldn't this happen DURING meeting!?!?!? Today:
Happy Father's Day!
The kids have the best Daddy in the world. We can't thank him enough for all he does and is for us. I just love watching him with the kids because he LOVES being a Dad. He is so involved in EVERY aspect of raising them. He is the reason that having 3 under 3 doesn't scare me. I know that I have don't have to do anything alone. He doesn't shy away from doing anything and is always there to lend a hand where ever it is needed and most all of the time before I even have to ask. I came home a couple weeks ago from a photo shoot to the laundry done as well as the kids in bed. I hadn't even thought of asking for help with the laundry but he saw that it needed done and did it. We love you TONS, thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father!
Auntie Shanna and I at 35 weeks and any day now! We decided we better get a photo before it is too late! We can't wait to meet our new nephew and cousin!!!! Our bumps. Sitting pretty.
Playing ring-around-the-rosie!
Us with our cranky kids! Keaton didn't want to stop playing and Tiana was ready for her afternoon nap!