Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Settled

One of the things things that we found for Keaton was a shirt with special markers. He can color the shirt and it washes out to color again!
So very glad to see us home again! She has been a constant hyper little girl since we got home!

Yesterday we got the kids a sandbox, thanks to craigslist! Today they got to try it out for the first time. We knew that Keaton would like it since he has been asking for one. We weren't sure how Sissy would do though if she would eat it or not. She LOVED it. The closest thing to a smile that I could get because she didn't want to look up from playing! You can see her two top teeth really well though! It is a tight fit to get both kids inside of it but they don't seem to mind. I had to drag them inside because it got really windy and stormy. Little updates:

Tiana now has 5 teeth and her first word is "hi" which she says quite often. She is now signing please too. The day before yesterday she took 5 very slow and purposeful steps so as soon as she sets her mind to it she could be walking.

Keaton's favorite little saying right now is "big much". How much does he love us? big much. How much does he like his sandbox? big much! He also says "na-na-na-no" and ya-ya-ya-ya-yeah" when he is really emphasizing a point! Just in case once isn't enough! Also the potty training is going quite well. We are in underwear all the time now with an accident only every few days. He is still in a pull-up at night but only because I haven't been daring enough to just have him in underwear.... maybe next week.