Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tiana 11 Months

We were able to get a few cute photos yesterday for 11 months in spite of her getting 3 more teeth and having a cold! She now has 5 teeth with 3 more coming up soon. This past month has really brought a lot of changes for our little girl. She all of the sudden doesn’t seem like so much of a baby…. A big reason for this is the fact that she is almost walking. She will take 5 steps all the time with as many as 8-10 thrown in when she slows down. We have a little walker that she just loves walking around everywhere. As soon as she sets her mind to it she will be walking on her own all of the time. She basically refuses to crawl unless she has to. If I am not busy and can help her she would prefer to cruise around holding onto one of my fingers. We walk all around the house and back again just for fun. She will stand and holler “ma ma” or “dada” and hold her little hand up until one of us will come take it so that she can practice walking. Her favorite game right now is to have both of us on either side of the room and try to walk back and forth between us. She will fall and get right back up with a big grin on her face. When she makes it the entire way she will clap and say “yaaaay” then sign “more please” and do it again. She has really started picking up on the signing this month also. She has added please to her ever growing list of signs.
Tiana also had her first word this past month, “Hi”. She will sign phone and say “dada”, telling me that she wants me to call Daddy at work so she can say “hi”. She has also become quite the Daddy’s girl. When he is home she just follows him around keeping track of what he is doing. She loves giving big kisses to each of us and knows that we love getting them. It has been quite interesting with her having a cold though….. adds quite a bit more liquid to each kiss! Keaton gets quite grossed out by her kisses right now but usually enjoys them when they aren’t as “wet”!
Showing off her goofy crooked grin that she gives us when she is being silly.

Just love this look of concentration! She is such a little girl... she had to hold a flower in each of her photos.

Can't believe we will be celebrating her first birthday pretty soon.
A few little Keatonisms:
His favorite little saying right now and a conversation that we have daily is:
Keaton: *SIGH*
Me: Honey, what's wrong?
Keaton: *Sigh*....... I'm Bored.
Don't know where he heard this word much less figured out what it meant. However, anytime we are not quite entertaining enough we hear how bored he is!
The other thing that I hear all the time when he gets a bit frustrated at me for some reason is "Ho-ney". I must say it to him when I want to get his attention or am a little bit irritated! Needless to say he now honey's me! It is quite cute coming out of his mouth.