Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I couldn't have asked for a better day! Daddy stayed home with the kids for a while today so that my mom and I could go shopping. I had forgotten how much you can get done without kids tagging along.... or should I say us tagging along behind Keaton! We were able to finish up shopping for Tiana's birthday as well as get my presents from my parents and still have time to do some browsing! We then met my Dad, my brother Ryan and Daddy and the kids for a birthday dinner. Keaton and Daddy made me a cake while I was gone so we got to go home and enjoy some chocolate! Yum! I also got a VERY special little card made by my kids (with Daddy's help).... the best kind. On the inside it says, "We love you THIS much" with Keaton's hand traced on one side and Tiana's on the other!
It was getting a little dark by the time we got home but we had to try for a photo.
My girl.... of course she started being goofy and smiling AFTER Keaton decided that he was DONE! Just wait 'til we have three I suppose... it will only get worse.
Today I was just so Thankful for a wonderful little family. I have the best husband in the world as well as just the cutest, most special little kids. I couldn't imagine life without them.
Thank you to everyone who made this birthday one of the best!


Country Family said...

we are so glad you had a great day! happy birthday!!

Miller & Nanna's Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kyla!!!! Don't you just love those priceless little cards from the kids?! And the Daddy that has the patience and mindset to assist them!!!! You will enjoy them even more as they get old enough to make cards by themselves and find things in their room to "wrap" and give you as presents. At 9 and 11, it's always entertaining to see what my kids come up with!!!! Hope you enjoyed your day!

Mike, Amanda, Dane, and Nora said...

Yes, it certainly would be fun to get together with our little ones. I'm sure they would all have a blast together. We're not adding a third, though! Hope your pregnancy continues to go well!