Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 and a Half!!

Our big boy is now 2 1/2! We had ice cream to celebrate and he got to blow out a candle. We sure are glad that we tried out the candle because in the process we discovered that Tiana has a phobia........ candles! There will be no candles on her first birthday cake! As soon as she saw it she lost it and didn't even want to try eating any ice cream. We had to force her to take a bite so that she saw that she would like it! We may try it again when it gets closer but judging by the way she reacted..... no candles for her!
As for Keaton, he is now fully potty trained which has been SO very nice! He has actually even been dry at nights so we are about ready to have him in underwear at nights also. He is really talking up a storm and we are really working on sentences. He can count to 10.... 12 when he is in the mood and say all his ABC's. He knows a lot of the books of the bible and loves answering all of the children's questions. He is up to knowing about 13 of the questions that Jay asks in meeting!
We are constantly entertained but his little antics. He is a WONDERFUL big brother and keeps tell us that he can't wait to play with baby brother!
A conversation the other day at the lunch table with Nana went like this:
Keaton: Passed Wendy's Nana. (We had drove by the day before and Wendy's is a favorite)
Nana: Do you remember when you ate there with Nana and Papa? We just went through the drive through though.
Keaton: Yeah Yeah, we ate the driveway!
We love seeing how his little mind works and the things that he comes up with.

This isn't a video of Keaton (he moves too fast) however it is too cute not to share.
We have been trying to teach Tiana how to sign Thank you and we keep running into a road block....... she just says it! Looks like we are going to have an early talker.

She did the same thing at dinner this evening only with All Done, which she usually will sign. Nope, not anymore, it is better just to say it!