Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wonderfully Refreshing Weekend

We ended our week last week with cuddle time with two ADORABLE little boys!
Friday we set out for Grammy and Poppy's house (my grandparents) equipped with new toys to play with! (not that he needed them with a kitty and puppy outside to pester)
He even insisted on sleeping with them on his lap.

Today I am THANKFUL for:
I am mostly Thankful for... Great-grandparents who are so in love with each other and God.
This past weekend we were also thankful for Grandparents who were willing to get on the floor to play with trains and to encourage a little girl to crawl.

I am thankful that they let our kids turn their house upside down for a wonderful four days.
For time spent reading.... or trying to read in spite of little boys who like to pester!
For quiet times on the kitchen floor while Grammy made us wonderful food.
For LOTS of Daddy time.
For new stuffed animals that kept this boy quite entertained.
For memories that were made. And most of all, for the attachment that both of our kids got to some of the most special people in our lives.
We had a wonderful time full of little giggles and running feet. Poppy and Grammy loved every minute of it and so did we. They will be seeing reminders of the little munchkins for days to come..... milk splatters on the window courtesy of a darling little girl..... toys very carefully hidden inside of plants courtesy of a mischievous little boy. We love you both, Thank-you for a wonderful 4 days.
On a side note Tiana is crawling now for a few feet at a time before reverting back to the army crawl which she has discovered is QUITE fast! She has also learned this new little trick!


Cassandra said...

1. What sweet times!

2. I hope you're feeling well!

3. Nice plank pose baby yogini!