Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are alive!

Sorry we seem to have dropped of the face of the earth lately! I have had a REALLY rough week and now I have a cold which would probably explain why my last week was so bad! Hopefully at least. The kids are doing GREAT though, Tiana is getting another tooth but besides having a runny nose she hasn't been cranky which is good. I have been so thankful this past week that the kids LOVE to play with each other. They are happy as can be if I am just laying on the floor beside them while they play. It makes me feel guilty as a mom when I get sick and don't feel like I can do some of the things that I usually do. However I do realize that our kids are not worse for wear! They adore each other and love all the Mommy time at home that they get. Besides as soon as Daddy walks through the door it is rough-house time which the both LOVE. Thanks so much for the congratulations and all of the thoughts of us... it helps it all seem more real which has been fun! I am glad that I am not showing at ALL yet but on the other hand I can't wait until at least we can tell I am pregnant in some way besides the being sick part!
Our second little bookworm has discovered the bookshelf. She is all over the house getting into things and following Keaton and I around..... albeit at a MUCH slower pace! She has gotten quite fast but nothing much compares with her speedy older brother.

After quite the day on Monday we decided that we would have projects every day.... or as close to that as we can. Keaton found a Sharpie Marker and decided to "color" all over the couch. Mind you this was in the space of time that I left the study, made Tiana a bottle, handed it to her to feed herself and came back!!!!! Luckily hairspray is WONDERFUL and after Mommy went through the roof we ended up getting it out after quite a bit of work! Later that evening he decided to try his hand at "coloring" on the wall..... lucky for us he found a pen that was out of ink. Needless to say I decided that it was high time to put my K-12 Art Education degree to work! I have projects galore that I have in my head from college so we are starting to do something little every day during Tiana's nap time. Plus it is GREAT Mommy and Keaton time. We just colored yesterday because I didn't feel good enough to go to the store to get the supplies that we need for some projects. He was so proud of his work of art that he sat at the door waiting for Daddy to get home to show him what he made!
Today we painted with chocolate pudding!

After a successful 3 pictures and pudding everywhere he said, "Eww yucky Mommy sticky, ALL DONE, go wash!". I then asked if he wanted to eat some and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "No mommy, Yucky paint". Needless to say he may not be eating pudding for awhile but he loved it and keeps looking at his pictures.

The other news is that Tiana has learned to clap. She is so proud of herself. She has really been trying to learn and when it clicked she was SO happy. The good news is that signing should be right behind as soon as the novelty of the clapping wears off.

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Ryan's Life said...

Welcome back! I hope that you're feeling better soon!

Very cute video...I love that age when they discovering new things every day.

Ryan was creative like Keaton is with markers. I even found him once teaching Emma how to draw on the walls. I made him scrub that one off himself. :)

Great idea with the crafts. It will be a time that he looks forward to every day, and it's so simple to do at this age when they love just a crayon and piece of paper.

Hang in there...can't wait to see you showing!

Miller & Nanna's Mom said...

so, AFTER my kids grew up and I suffered the crayons and markers on shoes, walls, shelves, etc. I found the "MOTHER'S MIRACLE LIFESAVER". If you haven't already discovered this, you need to invest in Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Do not spend extra for the "heavy duty" or the ones with a "sponge" on the other side. Just the plain ol' original. Wal Mart brand works just as well. They will become your best friend. Scuff marks off hardwood floors, Sharpie marker off wooden shelves, crayon off the wall...these are all things I've used it on. There is NO cleaner in the product...and when it just wears down to falling apart, you start a new one. They work wonders for cleaning white leather tennis shoes, finger prints off door trim, light switch covers, tough stuck on food from dishes, and you don't even have to scrub hard. Just thought I'd pass on a hint...they've become a mainstay at my house, especially with my weekly housecleaning gig I'm doing for 2 different ladies.
Hope you're feeling better soon. I remember those days...I was sick more than I wasn't but I know you understand it will ALLLLLLL be worth it. Congrats again!