Monday, February 23, 2009


Now that Tiana is crawling she has also discovered that she can pull herself up on things. She hasn't quite figured out that she can do this everywhere yet. She does love to play with this toy though on her knees or standing. She dances along to the music. Tiana also learned how to do "SO BIG" and claps for herself afterward!
We always go in and check on the kids just before we head to bed.... the other night this is what I found!
I hyper little girl that wanted to say hello to Dad and Mom!
"Eeeeeeeee" is what she is saying and that is how she sings along with any song right now! It also happens to be my favorite little face that she makes.
Daddy found this little picture this morning! She found out that she can stand up in her crib now!

She loves her new found mobility and just plays so happily for most of the time.... until the new balance isn't so great and the falls and bonks come!


Becky Gonce said...

So fun to see picts of her personality...she was so quiet during our playdate!

deb vance said...

SO glad the crib is lowered!!! miss you, mom