Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All around the house

Well, the good news around this household is that the Mommy has had a full week without getting sick!!!! Hopefully that means I am over the morning sickness part of the pregnancy. However that also means that I have LOTS of catching up to do around here since I haven't done much of anything for the last 4 months. Not only that but I am still trying to nap everyday which cuts my time without kids (during their naps) down to none which makes it a tad hard to get much done with another mobile child now!
Keaton found some sunglasses in his closet and of course the only way I could persuade him to take a photo was if he could make a funny face.
Sis and her Daddy getting in some cuddle time before bed.
Our timid little girl is NOT afraid of the vacuum..... this just blows my mind! It still scares Keaton a little bit but not Tiana. They both followed Daddy all around the house vacuuming the other day. Of course Keaton has to crawl too because that is what Tiana does.
Last week we babysat baby Kason for the afternoon. The kids loved it and they all napped and I still got a nap in too!!!
Don't know what is up with the tongue always out but, oh well, that's my two year old.
Nana and Papa got the kids little Valentine's Day gifts. Keaton got some cars and some flashcards for colors, numbers and shapes which he has been playing with non-stop. Tiana got a jack-in-the-box that is a sock monkey.... too cute. She LOVES it but can't quite figure it out.

Things she learned how to do just last night:
Sign all done.
Sign More.
Blow kisses.
Climb to a standing position on Daddy.

This means that it is only a matter of time before she is pulling up on everything!


Cassie said...

Such great photos! Glad you're feeling better! (Aislyn has always loved the vacuum too...)

Country Family said...

Lillie loves the pic of Keaton with his tongue out. She says 'he's funny' I don't know what she thinks is funny...her tongue is ALWAYS out too!