Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally Spring Maybe

This seems to be yet another Tiana post..... our boy is very camera shy at the moment! It has been finally nice enough these past few days to enjoy some time outside. This is Tiana's first encounter with the grass. Keaton hated the feel of it and really didn't play outside much until he walked. Tiana on the other hand doesn't seem to care and just loves being outside!

Off she goes....
I soon found out where she was headed. She saw a few leaves in the grass all the way across the yard so she took off!
Right beyond that was some dirt!! Yum!
Keaton has been playing for hours every afternoon by himself outside so I will try to sneak a few photos soon. I can't wait until it is nice enough to send them both outside to play all afternoon. Sis has to get just a bit older though. Right now anything new goes into the mouth so constant supervision is required!