Monday, February 23, 2009

President's Day Weekend

Mommy went with her sister-in-laws on a girls weekend to Portland over President's Day weekend. Daddy stayed home with BOTH of the kids and we all had fun! We spent all last week trying to catch up around here and recover from a fun weekend as well as spend some time with Nana and Papa before they headed off to Aruba! Here are some photos of the kids' weekend with Daddy.
After dinner Keaton bonked his head so the cure-all for that is Chocolate! This was Sissy's first encounter with this COLD version and well..... you be the judge whether it was a hit or not!

Of course during the 3 and a half days that Mommy is gone Sissy learns how to crawl!!
These blocks are out almost all day everyday. Both kids love them. Sissy bangs them together and stacks a few of them at a time, while Keaton gets creative with how high and on what.

Both kids had a blast with Daddy and Mommy had a great little break. I was SO glad to be home again though and the kids and Daddy where so happy to see me!