Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow fun!

On Friday we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to enjoy the snow and relax.

Daddy built a BIG snowman that Keaton still thinks is SO fun!

Daddy and Keaton then had a snowball fight.

Eating his ammo while getting hit by a snowball from Daddy.

Keaton did some sledding which was a first for him! He loved it... which wasn't real surprising since he doesn't have much fear.
Sissy decided that all that snow was too tiring so Mommy and her went inside to finish the nap!
You can't actually see the horse in this photo but Grandpa helped Keaton ride while the horse was eating!
He then finished wearing out Grandma and Grandpa by climbing up the hay stack! Even though he was being bribed with popcorn, cocoa, and a BSU game he still threw a fit to come inside. Shows just how much he loves the snow.
While we were making dinner our boy got mischievous and we found him giggling in the dryer!
Our little photographer in the making found a camera and was walking around saying "cheese"!

Tiana also turned 8 months on us this last weekend! We will have a little update and photos in the next few days... I have to get over and get them taken first! We are looking forward to Worker company tomorrow night, a potluck on Friday Night, photos and seeing the Uncles again on Saturday and then Special Meeting on Sunday! Sounds like an eventful next few days.