Friday, January 16, 2009

Catch Up

Chip got the kids a Toys-R-Us gift card over Christmas so last weekend we took them on their little shopping spree!! Keaton couldn't decide what he was going to get. The morning before we left we told him he could get a car, truck, or ball.... a few of his favorites. He switched it several times over the course of the morning only finally to decide that Sissy would get a ball and HE would get a truck....... working the system already! He was just enthralled with the train sets though so he picked out a Thomas race track that he just LOVES!
HE has to say ready set go.... and then he cheats!
Sissy took one look at this in the box and got SO excited so this was her choice. She pouted and cried when we put it behind her in the shopping cart! Keaton loves it too because it plays music. Here he is dancing along!
She still just gets so excited when she sees it and has to scoot her way over to play with it.
THANK YOU so much for the gift card it was so much fun to take them in there and have them choose their gifts and plus they have LOVED their choices and play with them all the time!
Sunday after meeting we put Tiana on the floor only for her to promptly start scooting around and almost crawling!
Laundry basket rides!
This girl is NOT afraid of getting dirty especially when what she is covered in is FOOD!

I love this. Since Tiana has been scooting around the two kids will play together for hours!
Since Keaton got his little trains he has come to love ALL of his little cars. He parked them all in a row.
Then tried to haul them around in the bus which didn't work to well.
So we got out his Tonka truck and he has been wheeling around all of his little cars non-stop ever since.
Daddy was home yesterday so they built a HUGE fort in the living room!
He declared this room "his room".
And we will leave you with a few goofy photos proving just how fun Uncles are!

After these Keaton became convinced that photos where so bad after all!


Becky Gonce said...

What do you do when Sissy starts to re arrange Keaton's cars, to Keaton's dismay?!? Aubrey is starting to get into some of Carson's things.. he has some up on a table where she can't reach, so I don't think she has to stay out of all his stuff... so we are working on having a more tolarant attitude towards little sisters. Maybe since they are so close in age they do better?!?

Cassandra said...

Uncles are great entertainers! And that toy Tiana "picked" is awesome. We had it too until Icy started walking, then we passed it on to the next family baby (Lincoln) who loves it too...