Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Here is what you have missed these past few weeks! We had a wonderful 5 days in New Meadows surrounded by family (babysitters/entertainers). We have then tried to get caught up at home and now we get another 4 days here at home enjoying having Daddy off work. Both kids stayed up until Midnight last night to welcome the New Year..... we couldn't believe how hard they fought to stay awake! Needless to say today will be spent catching up on sleep.
No teeth, No problem! Only two teeth has not slowed this girl down in the eating department. She LOVES everything we give her. On pancake days she will feed herself an entire pancake.
Singing us some hymns in the morning.
Our little inch worm. She has really started to try to move...... rather slowly but she gets were she wants to. In the last week she has really sped up and rolls everywhere around the house.
She is also experimenting with the crawling idea... however she mostly still just goes backwards.
Playing in the snow before we left town. Keaton got impatient and put on my gloves and hat!
There is nothing quite like untouched snow..... except snow that has been trampled down by little playful feet. Everything seems to be that much more fun when covered with a few inches of snow.
As you can tell he loves rolling all over in it. We went outside while Sissy took her morning nap.

Playing cards with Grandma Great.

Bye, Mom. Going sledding with the big kids.

Uncle Mark and Kyla teaching Keaton how to play Ping Pong.

So precious.
We ventured outside to try and get a cute family photo in the snow!
Surprisingly we got one with both kids smiling in the same photo!!!
Just a little bit deep!

We then got all bundled up and went on an Sleigh ride out to feed Elk.
Playing the drums.

Keaton LOVED it!!

He was amazed at the bites they were taking and that they were getting so close to him.
He kept exclaiming "I touch a Elk!". He still is taking about feeding them and touching them.
Of course our girl slept through the whole thing!

Nana and Papa got him a doctor kit which he loves. He runs around giving EVERYONE shots! Here is was in his doctor roll treating Daddy.

Here is a cute photo of Mark and Kyla before we left.
It snowed a couple of feet while we were up there... which of course is a little deep for Keaton to play in. We may take him sledding tomorrow, that is if we can all catch up on some sleep!


Cassandra said...

It looks like you had a lovely vacation! I'm so missing our emails back and forth, but totally understand the business! Now that things are settling back down (are they?) we need to set a date for our families to get together! I love all that snow and have a similar family photo from the retreat with Rory, Ember and I (we rented it once long long ago when we were a 1 baby family ;) I can't believe how grown up Tiana looks!