Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a WONDERFUL relaxing Thanksgiving. Grandma and Grandpa came in the morning to help with the kids and cooking so we had quite the relaxing time getting everything all ready.

Keaton helping count potatoes.
Sissy watching over everything to make sure they are doing it right.
And the table! It turned out beautiful and the food was great. I tried a new stuffing recipe and I had never done a turkey.... surprisingly enough they were both wonderful. The turkey was VERY moist and wonderful although we still were really wondering if it was going to get done for dinner.
Keaton discovered the joy of olives... they fit rather nicely on fingers which make them even more fun to eat!

The whole family! Any day now we will get to meet Kason for the first time making us a first time Aunt and Uncle.
Soaking up the grandkids.
Notice Tiana's hair... it is getting long enough to get messy!
We had a wonderful day and evening. The kids were up REALLY late and we had company last night so we are all ready for a lazy weekend to catch up on sleep.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I caught my two cuddling on the couch having a wonderful time yesterday.
I am so thankful for such amazing children who love each other so much.

On a completely different note Keaton is now counting to three.... sometimes four. He has to count everything he can.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We put her in the jumper last night to see what she would do. It took a little while but then she realized how much jumping she could do! She was so proud of herself.

Video sent by mommy

All that jumping wears a girl out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bubbles and more bubbles

We gave the kids a bubble bath the other night and they both loved it. Of course Sissy ate the bubbles which Keaton thought was just hilarious.

Being the ever-so-helpful big brother and helping her get more bubbles to eat!
I asked Keaton to give Tiana kisses and she heard me and grabbed him and planted a big smooch on him!

Wearing Daddy's hat.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Grins and Giggles

My favorite time is right before bed, after the baths are done and jammies are on. Keaton and Daddy play football and Sissy is full of giggles. We try to squeeze in a few more happy moments before the kids are off to bed. Daddy and Keaton were playing peekaboo with Sissy which she just LOVED!

Video sent by mommy

Yesterday Keaton took a morning nap for the first time in a VERY long time! He was so tired and wanted to cuddle. We were having some friends over for a playdate so I told him that I could rock him for a few minutes...... he was out!

We are really working on Tiana holding her own bottle. She is getting to the stage that she is REALLY picky about how she is fed and VERY easily distracted. Easiest remedy is if she will do it herself..... we will see! Before Nana and Papa head to China for the week, Nana came over to soak up the kids for a few hours. This allowed Mommy to get all of the grocery shopping done for Thanksgiving with NO kids!!!! I made record time with no distractions and I don't even think that I forgot anything! If I did I have no excuse!

I came home to happy calm kids! It was so nice. Tiana slept the whole time and woke up to play with some blocks with brother and Nana. I love the look on concentration.

This past week I gave Tiana some of the peach puffs to try... she loved them. She was so cute chewing them up. She also surprised me when she promptly picked them up between her thumb and pointer!!! When did she learn how to do that?
Just to make note... she is not building towers.... she is concentrating VERY hard on how best to get them toppled over to eat them! Although we think she is quite advanced she is still 6 months old I suppose! Keaton has a hard time having the patience to build a tower tall enough to knock over at age 2!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanksgiving Decor

We are doing Thanksgiving at our house this year for the first time! Our nephew is due on December 7th so we figured we better keep Auntie Krystal close to her doctor! Needless to say I had to do a little Thanksgiving Decor. I got a charm pack of fabric, put interfacing in between and cut out these leaves. I love them hanging on our mantle. I decided rather than the traditional fall colors I would go with the colors of our living room. I love the way it turned out.... plus it will be easy to store for next fall!
It was a really easy thing to do to add some color and festivity. I am afraid this may be all I have time to do before Thanksgiving since I have to also sew Krystal's gift before Kason is born!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whooooo's there

Outfit complete! She wore this to meeting last night and when I put her in it right before Keaton cried because he wasn't wearing HIS owl shirt. I crossed my fingers that Tiana wouldn't spit up on it so that they could both wear their owl shirts today since that is what I told Keaton to calm him down!
Thankfully it worked and I didn't have to do laundry this morning! Keaton was so excited that they were both wearing outfits that Mommy made them!
Showing off his owl shirt.
Sissy LOVES the buttons along the bottom of her skirt. It provided entertainment all day today.
If you can get past her beautiful eyes long enough.... notice the 2 teeth sticking up!!!
I found them this morning after Sissy had yanked so hard on the toys that the bars collapsed then proceeded in rolling off off the mat and pulling it over herself.... all while I was mixing up her bottle. Keaton joined her and they had lots of fun in their makeshift fort.
We made cookies tonight while waiting for Uncle Todd and Auntie Krystal to come over for dinner. My expert beater cleaner was busy for quite some time.
This was quite the exciting job!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our girl

I just found some more images that we missed uploading to the computer.
This is the one that made me wonder where they went. We have quite the Drama Queen already. She has perfected the pout when something isn't quite right. She was just starting to get sleepy so every once and a while the lip would poke out.
She LOVES having her clothes off! Playing in her diaper is so fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catch up

Keaton was "helping" Daddy put away his fly tying stuff. I kept hearing Daddy say, "Keaton you are the worst help" or "Don't take it back out, I just put it away". Each time Keaton would respond with "No Daddy, I help!".
Pretty in red. Ready for Wednesday night meeting. She always holds her hands like this.
The other night she just zonked with her last bottle.
Tiana has a new trick! She wrinkles up her little nose and sniffs. I remember our little friend Landon doing this same thing at about the same age!
Getting the giggles mid-sniff!
Look what I picked up at Baby Gap today. You could actually carry him around in that bag.... apparently those bags are made for some HEAVY duty shopping!
Snuggling up at the BSU game keeping warm.
All toasty in her winter snowsuit.
Bug giving his very fake just pleasing mom smile.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Updates and family photos

I finally have had a chance to sit down and sort through all of our family images. The sitting down family photos is the one that we are enlarging. We didn't know it at the time but Tiana was getting sick so she wasn't very smiley. Usually she is our easy child come photo time!

My favorite one of our boy.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.

As for a few updates... we have had a toothy week. Tiana now has two bottom teeth and has been a WONDERFUL teether... knock on wood. She had no teeth Saturday morning and by Saturday night she has one. Sunday morning still one but by Sunday evening she had the second one! Sunday afternoon Keaton came up to me and said "Mommy teeth hurt", I asked him where and sure enough he has two of his two year molars poking through! We had their two year and six month well child check-ups this week. Keaton is exactly 3 feet tall (88th percentile) and 29 lbs 3 oz (66th percentile). No wonder he can't keep any pants on. Tiana is 20 lbs 11 oz (99th percentile) and 29 1/4 inches long (99.98th percentile!). Needless to say they are both growing. Keaton pretty much is following the general curve in both weight and height while Tiana is for Weight but for height she is pretty much just shooting off the charts. Yesterday and Today I have had 12-18 month outfits on her..... they fit great!