Saturday, November 1, 2008


For Halloween we went over to Daddy's work where the town does a Safe and Sane Halloween which is trick or treating from 3-6 through all of the businesses. Keaton handed out candy and got the hang of what happens with the whole process. Sissy just hung out and entertained Nana and Papa!
Uncle "I-an" (Ryan) came to get some time with the kids.
Tu-tu fun!
We then went home to eat with Mummies with a Bee.
After we ate and had quite a few trick-or-treaters we took Keaton out for his first little round of trick-or-treating. We figured we would just go to one or two houses...... well not so much. Keaton knew exactly what to do. He promptly walked up to the door and knocked (the entire time until they came to the door mind you) said "tick o teet, tank u" and then went to the next door. The only little hang-up is the first 2 houses he tried to walk on inside after he got "cany". We had to take him to every house on our street and then bribe him to be done!
Accessing the loot!
He spread it all out and looked at each piece, VERY excited about his "tick o teets".
All of our monkeys! We threw Auntie Krystal a baby shower today with a monkey theme. Of course I didn't get any photos of her since I was busy directing the party!


Cassie said...

Those cupcakes are the cutest! Hope all went well at the shower! Funny that Keaton tried to go on inside, Ember did that exact same thing at her first house. Walked in like she owned the place!