Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whooooo's there

Outfit complete! She wore this to meeting last night and when I put her in it right before Keaton cried because he wasn't wearing HIS owl shirt. I crossed my fingers that Tiana wouldn't spit up on it so that they could both wear their owl shirts today since that is what I told Keaton to calm him down!
Thankfully it worked and I didn't have to do laundry this morning! Keaton was so excited that they were both wearing outfits that Mommy made them!
Showing off his owl shirt.
Sissy LOVES the buttons along the bottom of her skirt. It provided entertainment all day today.
If you can get past her beautiful eyes long enough.... notice the 2 teeth sticking up!!!
I found them this morning after Sissy had yanked so hard on the toys that the bars collapsed then proceeded in rolling off off the mat and pulling it over herself.... all while I was mixing up her bottle. Keaton joined her and they had lots of fun in their makeshift fort.
We made cookies tonight while waiting for Uncle Todd and Auntie Krystal to come over for dinner. My expert beater cleaner was busy for quite some time.
This was quite the exciting job!


Cassie said...

Those owls are so sweet! And the cuties wearing them too! Isn't it awesome how much they love mama-made? Doesn't it just make your heart happy to have them exclaim at something you've made with your own hands?!

KatieB said...


I love the owls! You did a great job them. You're's hard to get by those beautiful eyes...


Becky Gonce said...

SUPER CUTE! I saw a cute plaid elephant I want to try when my mother in law comes up for x-mas...she can show me how to do the applique and she'll have fun doing it!

Jeff, Renee, Carter and Camden said...

Here's the usual, don't know you BUT found you while blog hopping. . . . . Had to say I just love your photos and posts. Where do you find the time to do it all? Owls, cookies, photography, football games, . . . . I think I did some laundry today, that's about it.