Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catch up

Keaton was "helping" Daddy put away his fly tying stuff. I kept hearing Daddy say, "Keaton you are the worst help" or "Don't take it back out, I just put it away". Each time Keaton would respond with "No Daddy, I help!".
Pretty in red. Ready for Wednesday night meeting. She always holds her hands like this.
The other night she just zonked with her last bottle.
Tiana has a new trick! She wrinkles up her little nose and sniffs. I remember our little friend Landon doing this same thing at about the same age!
Getting the giggles mid-sniff!
Look what I picked up at Baby Gap today. You could actually carry him around in that bag.... apparently those bags are made for some HEAVY duty shopping!
Snuggling up at the BSU game keeping warm.
All toasty in her winter snowsuit.
Bug giving his very fake just pleasing mom smile.


Country Family said...

That is exactly what he use to do, Lillie did it too! We were just talking a couple of days ago about how we missed those days!!