Monday, January 19, 2015

Special Memories

At the end of October Keaton's birth Great-Grandfather died.  He was 98 years old and was such an wonderful example.  We are so lucky to have gotten to know him over the years. We were able to get up to the funeral.  Thankful, humbled, encouraged, loved, lucky, spiritually fed, blessed, privileged... Just a few words that describe the wonderful few days. It is amazing how one faithful life can touch so many. We are so very thankful to have known such a pillar.  To be welcomed with such open arms to a family and extended family that we love dearly still brings me to tears.  The best thing is that all of our kids are loved and each of them has Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents!  It means the world to us parents to have each of the kids treated the very same. We got to meet lots of extended family and see a few that we haven't seen since Keaton was born. Every time we leave the area we feel like we have left a piece of our hearts there. 
The drive was absolutely breath taking!  It was almost exactly 8 years after we made the trip to get Keaton but for some reason that trip was a bit of a blur!
Keaton wanted a photo with the sign of the state he was born in.... only to remember that it is Tiana's birth state as well... which made Camden very disappointed that he wasn't born in Montana! haha

Cousins are the very best!!!

I just had to include this one because seriously... Darren is eating his foot!! Hilarious!

Really this is a better depiction of what life is like with all six of them! Tiana decided she wanted no part of getting a funny face recorded on camera!

A beautiful sunrise for an even more beautiful day over the mountains in front of their house!

The depth of love that we have for each one of them is indescribable. 

Lots of cousins!!!

Never before have I been to a graveside that the casket has been lowered into the ground.  It was such a humbling thing to witness.

We love each and every one of these crazy kids and can't wait to see them again!

The one thing that resonates with me from the funeral and Grandpa's life is the hymn that says "In the Home life His approval...".  Grandpa was so very faithful at home.  In the last 8 years he hadn't left the house, but that didn't change his faith or his focus.  He truly knew what it was to be faithful in the daily home life.
Over the few months that we spent there when Keaton was a baby we heard all sorts of stories about how the Truth came to the Mission Valley and how life used to be. We have never forgotten those and it was so neat to hear a few again at the funeral. How very lucky we are to be a part of this amazing family... Spiritually and Naturally.


Trudi Saby said...

Love your post! It was special being with you....