Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flag Football and School

They were being Secret Agent Ninjas!!!
 Keaton played flag football this Fall and he loved every minute of it!  His first game was at BSU on the practice field which of course he loved! Jace was playing right before us so we got to have quite a little cheering squad for both of the teams.

 It was SO much fun watching Keaton!  That kid is FAST.... seriously... he played every minute of every game and made 2-5 touchdowns every game except 1 (he only made 1 touchdown in 1 of the games I believe).  No one could catch him!  The first part of the year he would often run back and forth across the field until he could go forward.  Talk about giving parents heart failure, luckly he was fast enough that he wasn't ever tackled for a loss.  Often he would run 100 yards to gain 10!   Of course by the end of the year he stopped doing that and learned that it was ok to only gain 5-10 yards a play... no need to get a touch down every time!  The last quarter of the game he usually quarterbacked so that some other kids would get to run the ball.  Keaton's friend Cruz was the other QB and he did a great job.  Football is in Keaton's blood so it was fun to watch him work!  It was funny hearing parents talk from the other teams... "Wow that #11 is quick!" etc! Yep, that's my boy!  He was great on defense as well because he could pull flags so well.  It was amazing to me how many times he would dive and get the flag! He hardly ever misjudged the route and could catch up to just about every body.  He made a couple tackles on accident but he did make sure after he got up to pull their flag... just to make sure! :)  Also, on quite a few occasions he pulled the kids shorts down with their flags! Oops! Flag football is just adorable!
See the red blur behind the QB... that would be Keaton yanking his flag!

Keaton at QB.

Changing directions.

Jace and Keaton

Enjoying my last day at home with me kids before school started!
 Off to the first day of school!  Keaton is in 2nd grade and Tiana is in 1st grade!  Tiana was so nervous about starting school that it was after midnight before she finally fell asleep!  I left her in her classroom with tears in her eyes.  She came home with a huge smile and had a wonderful day though!  Keaton of course doesn't really get nervous about school and had a wonderful first day as well.  Tiana has the same teacher that Keaton had last year... Mrs. Glaser.  We love her and she is a wonderful fit for Tiana as well.  Keaton has Mrs. Coffman.  We have had some adjustments there but she has been wonderful in making little changes in her teaching of Keaton so that he was happy at school.  Keaton does not do well only hearing about what he is doing wrong... he gets soooo down on himself.  It is much better to tell him what he is doing right and sneak in a how about we try to do it this way.  It has improved a lot after a few talks with Keaton and his teacher.
New dress for the occasion as well!!

Love these three!
Oh how much I love this dress!  So fun!  We even got a bow to match from a friend that I design with.

Successful first day!

New dress #2 for school!  Tiana has always loved horses so I have had this one set aside waiting for inspiration!

Favorite dress!!!  Tiana has been bugging me for such a long time to make a dress using this hedgehog fabric and applique!  Once I sat down to start designing it I wondered what had taken me so long! I love this combo!
Keaton takes off!

Cruz and Keaton get the flag!

I don't know how he made so many people miss flags but he was shifty!

Yep, Keaton got the flag!  Notice how often he is on the ground!  He dove for flags all the time!
 Over labor day we went up to New Meadows to see Truitt and Heidi who were visiting from California!

Grandma and Grandpa Great with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Gary and a few of the great grandkids!

Funny photo!

Grandpa and Grandma Great!  We live a couple miles from them but hardly ever actually get photos of them with the kids!

Grandma and Grandpa Z!  Our kids have 3 sets of Great Grandparents!!!!!!!! They have no idea how lucky they are... they think this is just normal!

Camden started Pre-K this year!  It is Wednesday and Thursday mornings until Noon.  He loves it!  Last year we had many a morning of tears and he didn't really want to go to preschool.  This year he still cheers on days that he gets to stay home... BUT he has made lots of friends at school.  He walks in the classroom to a chorus of "CAMDEN'S HERE" and lots of hugs!  Troy is in school with him which helps as well!  Teacher Erica is amazing.

See... he is fast I tell you!  When you make a touchdown with people this far behind you.... and it is from a hand off... you know you have some speed!

Another touchdown!

And another!!!  This game he had 4 touchdowns and an interception for a touchdown!
 Boise State Games started as well!  Our Saturdays were all football, all day!

After the popcorn was gone, the empty bucket provided entertainment for the rest of the game!

Yep, that girl is running still but Keaton already had her flag!


Keaton playing QB and handing off to Cruz.

And he is off!


Trying to keep his flags on and his pants up!

Leaving them in the dust!

Fall corduroy jumper!  Oliver+S Seashore Sundress!