Sunday, January 18, 2015

Keaton Turns 8!!!

Boise State Game with some goofy kids!

8 Years ago our athletic, soft hearted, kind, loving, sensitive, rough and tumble boy was born. I get all emotional thinking back on our journey. I am SOOOO thankful for Keaton who first made us parents! I feel lucky and so grateful that we were chosen to be his parents. 8 years ago was a Friday the 13th and I remember thinking that this day wasn't always bad luck... some people had babies born today. 1 week later we got our first phone call about Keaton and we were in LOVE. A little less than 2 weeks after he was born we first got to meet him and hold him. That day was one of the best days of my life!!! He had a firm grip on our hearts from the moment we heard about him and meeting him that day put us head over heels in love. The last 8 years have exceeded every expectation of parenthood. Happy Birthday Keaton!

Keaton chose a laid back family party and then a flag football get together with all of his friends! Perfect for this little boy... who is getting older WAY to fast!

And a catch for Keaton with is new receiver gloves!

Oh how we love this boy!

These boys played hard core flag football for a solid 4 hours!  Keaton was sore the next day but they had lots of fun!
 Pumpkin patch with my littlest!

Camden and Troy!
 Tiana had basketball this fall!  She had a very slow start... she does great when she plays with Daddy and Keaton... she has an awesome shot and is very aggressive.  Then she gets to practice or a game and is painfully shy.  She cried most every practice until the last few practices. She had to get used to a male coach that she wasn't familiar with and also being in front of a crowd at a game.  By the end she was doing wonderful in practice and was loving it!  The first game after her team made the first point she totally pulled a cheerleader cheer and kick in the middle of the court!  ADORABLE!  She made a basket every game and after each one she would turn and find us in the crowd and give us a huge smile!  Basketball was good for her!

She shoots!