Sunday, January 11, 2015

Camden Turns FIVE!!!

First off, right after we got home Tiana went in for allergy testing.... again!  She has been tested every year for the last 3 years and every time it has come back clear!  Not this time!!  She was allergic to Kosha Weed and Sage Brush!  Comical if you know where we live!  We are surrounded by both!  We put that on the back burner though and had her auto immune tested.  Her doctor really felt that she had an autoimmune disease! This was such a stressful time!  She had the blood test and we had a what-seemed-like-forever-wait, only to find out that she is normal!!  YAY.  I didn't realize how worried I was about it until we got the results! So back to her specialist we went and by this point she had completely lost her voice.  She couldn't sing any more (which for her with her beautiful voice was heartbreaking) and her asthma was still bad.  We did a complete change up of her meds and decided to start allergy shots.   Her Doctor said that he has rarely ever had to do this but he was convinced that she is also allergic to grasses even though she didn't react.  She obviously doesn't have very sensitive skin because this is the first time she reacted to anything.  He added grasses in as well and we started immediately!  I am very happy to report that between her shots and med changes we have had an AMAZING FALL!!!!!!!!!!  We haven't had a sinus infection, ear infection, or pneumonia since... which is a HUGE success!  Who knows what has made the difference of if it has been a combination of everything but we will take it!  She is still on all of her meds daily (2 inhailers, 3 pills and 2 nasal sprays with neb treatments as needed) but I finally feel like they are actually controlling her asthma for the first time in her 6 years!

Now Camden... Ever since he was 2 lil Camden has dreamed of being 5! 5 was somehow a magic number in which everything he wanted and wished for would come true. He got his wish! My baby is now 5!!!! Camden is our little firecracker, he keeps us all laughing all day, every day! He rarely stops talking to so much as breath and gives the best hugs to anyone that he meets. Camden keeps us all on our toes and we don't know what we would do without him! He has each one of us wrapped around his little fingers... And knows it! Happy Birthday Buddy!
 On his actual birthday we celebrated with Jeff and Anna and our little family!
Shark cupcakes

His best buddy Troy!

This toy has been a huge hit!
 The following weekend we had his big bash!  He wanted a shark party so that is exactly what he got!

Ocean water to drink!

Shark jello!

Here he is, making the shark face!

Cousins and second cousins!
 It was a party kind of weekend with a carnival the next day over ad Maddie and Lincoln's house!
Snow cones, cotton candy, hot dogs and cake!

These boys are two peas in a pod! They just think alike... which is scary sometimes! ha ha

Two little cuties!!

 We had a summer visit from Brynlee... and her parents!  The cousins are so cute together!  She will lift her little arms up for Keaton to carry her around.  When she wants to go outside she knows that she can just tug on the hand of one of the kids and they will take her out!  They are all patient with her and will do everything she wants them to do!

Her and Camden have a special little bond that is different than with the other kids.  She trusts Keaton and Tiana and loves them.... with Camden it is like she is just taking notes!  She watches his every move and thinks he is quite funny.  She is becoming more and more like Camden in little ways.  To her, Camden is her partner in crime!

Ring around the Rosie

All fall down!