Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back to School Photos

 Sending the kids off to school is bittersweet. They LOVE school but they change SO much during the year and it goes by so very fast! I never want to forget how cute they write their names. Camden likes to fill in his a and d and sometimes adds faces to the other letter.... he is quirky like that. Tiana likes to capitalize her N which she will have to change now in 1st grade so I am glad we have it documented. Keaton has the best hand writing and always adds a little curl to the end of his letters. I can't wait to watch them grow this year. Keaton thought it was a little ridiculous to say what he wanted to be.  He kept telling me that he DIDN'T have to decide today, he had a LONG time to figure it out!  Son, please just do this for your goofy Mom!  He begrudgingly said that he would be a Football Player but while it would be fun it probably wasn't practical!  Leave it to my almost 8 year old!

Back to school twirl skirt!!  This was supposed to be her first day of school outfit... until nerves hit and she decided that her Lalaloopsy dress would make her feel better! I didn't argue!

And a Camden-ism that still has us laughing!
Camden on the way to school this morning: 
I'm going to put in my robot brain today. Ziiiiip-beep-Bo-beep "I. Am. A. Robot. Mom. How. Do. You. Like. My. Robot. Brain?" Ziiiiip-beep-Bo-beep "okay now my other brain is in again. I'll just keep my robot brain around for parties and for being goofy. Having 2 brains is amazing!"

Where does he come up with this stuff?!?!