Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cranky kid cure

Since we have had sick kids we have had a few cranky kids too!  Friday we found a cure for the cranky kids though.... a bubble bath... in Mommy and Daddy's big bathtub!  They played for an hour and a half... until Camden pooped and ended playtime rather abruptly!  But besides that they had a great time.  I have been wanting to update the bathroom bath photos and since our bathtub is located right under a huge window (great for photos... not real smart otherwise) this was the perfect time!

um yeah this was the end of the throwing the water up in the air!!!!


Cassandra said...

so cute!

Sorry we didn't get to say hi yesterday... We've had sick kids too, so were trying to keep our germs at bay!

One of these days, we'll all be well at the same time...