Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Carnival

We went to New Meadows last weekend and intended on taking the kids skiing.  However, Tiana's asthma kicked in, Camden got a tummy bug and Keaton got a cold so we decided just to enjoy Saturday in McCall at the Winter Carnival.

Tiana trying to slide in the snow without touching it!

Camden loved the fish sculpture!

Getting ready to slide down!

Tiana takes a turn with Uncle Mark's help.

The kids loved seeing the pony!

The kids are feeling better now.  Tiana is having trouble kicking her cough so we are going to up her meds again and hope it works.  If it doesn't we will be heading to the doctor next week.  So far her meds are keeping up on her asthma but she just can't kick the cold.  Camden is doing better now but he seems to be potty training himself!  I have been in denial for about a week now but after whining all day on Tuesday asking me to go potty we decided there was no point in telling him to go in his diaper!  We have him in a pull up right now and we have been potty training for almost 2 days.  He has had only 1 accident and that was because he couldn't find me soon enough.  Today we ran errands, went to Keaton's Valentine's party and all the while he stayed dry and told me he had to go potty at Costco.  I am still in shock about this really!  He is only 18 months old and not supposed to be doing this yet.  He even wakes himself up (and us) in the morning when he has to go.  Problem is his pants hardly stay up without a diaper on.... hmmm... not sure what we will do if he keeps this up and goes to underwear...  I really won't be surprised if this is just a phase and that it is fun to keep up with his brother and sister.  Even if that is the case, when the time comes when he really does want to potty train it should be pretty easy.